Who We Are

Quantum Martial Arts, is a community-based non-profit martial arts school. The Quantum style is a unique and intense approach to external martial arts focused on the mind/body/spirit connection. Read more about our style at the about us page.

We offer a variety of classes to introduce you to the Quantum style and keep you interested in your training for years. With each class you will learn new techniques, refine familiar ones and experience the energetic benefits of martial arts taught as a tool for self-exploration. For our class schedule, click here.

 In addition to our unique style, we take a unique approach to the financial aspects of our school. As a non-profit dojo we are committed to ensuring that martial arts training is accessible to all who seek it. We ask all students to donate within their means to help support the costs of our training space and equipment. All of our teachers donate their teaching time. Please see the membership page for more details.

Give Big!

For the first time this year, Quantum Seattle is participating in the Seattle Foundation's annual Give Big fundraiser. This fundraiser brings financial support and visibility to many small non-profits in our area. A successful 2016 Give Big campaign will help us with build out expenses and make other donors aware of our unique school.

Quantum serves 200 kids per year bringing martial arts training to schools and low-income housing projects. We are proud to bring the lessons of martial arts training to all who seek it

Donations large or small are welcome and seeing who loves us out there brings us joy.  

Click here Give Big To Quantum and help out!

New location update!

Quantum will soon open a 2300 sq foot open, light-filled space in the Central District at 18th and Jackson. Check back, or follow us on Facebook for updates on our build out. 

New students are welcome to start training at our transitional location any time. 

Transitional Location Information

While we work on our new, beautiful dojo,  we are meeting three days/week at Lake Washington Girls Middle School. For more information, please see our FAQ.

Martial Arts in the Public Interest (MAPI) dba Quantum Martial Arts is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your tax deductible donation will support our youth outreach programs, scholarships, and operating costs.


Quantum In Action