A traditional dojo with a Seattle flair

Being a traditional dojo we wear uniforms and have a standard of respect for our training space and each other. Come observe a class and you will hear shouts of "Yes sir" or "Yes  ma'am" interspersed with careful explanations, cheers of "Great job!" and laughter. Quantum is a Safe Space and all are welcome. 

The Training

Your martial arts journey starts with learning new techniques and refining execution of familiar ones taught in our general and basics classes. Whether you are 6 or 60, martial arts training improves confidence and well-being.  More information on these and other classes is found on our “classes” page.

One of the unique aspects of our school is that these classes each start with 45 minutes to 1 hour of instruction in stretching and calisthenics. Safety is important to us.  These exercises are specifically designed to improve strength and flexibility so that you will build core strength and lengthen your muscles to decrease the risk of injury as you ask your body to move in new ways. In kid’s classes, the warm up is 30 minutes long and often led by intermediate level kid students to allow Quantum kids to develop leadership skills.

You and/or your child may train at your own pace and our teachers are experienced in helping students modify movements if needed for physical challenges.


The Style

The Quantum style of martial arts blends Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Boxing, Wing Chun, and others to create a unique and intense approach to external martial arts focused on the mind/body/spirit connection.

The style is the creation of our Chief Instructor, Master Rachael Evans, who has been exploring and expanding her martial arts for 30 years

The Community

Connection is the core of the Quantum style. We strive to help our students connect to their strongest and best selves and know that each student plays a role in making the dojo a better place. As a result, when you walk in to Quantum dojo, you will be welcomed as a new friend.

We are a community run not-for-profit school and value diversity and a feeling of family.

We have programs for kids starting at age 6 and offer both kid and adult classes. We find this allows adults and kids to receive age-appropriate training. We also have classes during times when the younger students do not train if you prefer a more adult-oriented environment.

When you join Quantum, you are not joining a gym. You are giving yourself the gift of a stronger body, a sharper mind, and a group of people that care about and support you.  Although we adhere to traditions common in many dojos such as wearing uniforms and bowing, our classes our equally filled with sweat and laughter. Your or your child will be both challenged and encouraged.  If you need extra help, you can ask anyone to spend a little extra time with you.  At every rank test, you will be both challenged and cheered by your teachers and training partners.

 You may call or fill out our contact form in advance of starting a trial for yourself or your child, or just show up 10 minutes before any general or basics class to get a tour.