Thanks for stopping by our page. If you're looking for a new workout that challenges your body, engages your mind and supports personal growth give Quantum a try.

We welcome new students any time and take pride in our welcoming community. With your very first class you'll start meet your new "work out buddies" and we are committed to support you through your martial arts journey.

Check out the About Us page to see our community in action and learn more.

We are an all volunteer organization so email is a great way to reach us. Ue the Contact Us page or email info@quantumseattle.org   
Feel free to phone and leave a message as well. We'd love to connect with you. 

Adult Beginner's Special

Start a new activity and meet some new friends

7 weeks of unlimited classes and a new uniform for just $125

Start Any Time!

Class Schedule

Monday 7:10-8:55 Basics Class

Tuesday 6:15-7:30 General Class

Wednesday 6:10-7 Forms Class

Saturday 11:30 am-1 pm General Class

Saturday 1:15-2 Forms Class

Suggested attendance: at least two classes a week.

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Just want to check us out?  We have classes for kids, teens and adults at our new dojo in the Central District. 

1800 South Jackson Suite A
Look for the Wonder Sign above the building

For class schedule click link below

Come by at any class to observe or participate at no obligation
Contact Us before your first class if you can 
so we know to welcome you!

Kids Beginner Special

$80 per month includes unlimited classes (up to four per week), a new uniform and a membership in our non-profit organization. No long term contracts required. 
If your child is on the free or reduced lunch program, significant discounts are available. Just ask!

Who We Are

Quantum Martial Arts, is a community-based non-profit martial arts school. The Quantum style is a unique and intense approach to external martial arts focused on the mind/body/spirit connection. Read more about our style at the about us page.

We offer a variety of classes to introduce you to the Quantum style and keep you interested in your training for years. With each class you will learn new techniques, refine familiar ones and experience the energetic benefits of martial arts taught as a tool for self-exploration. For our class schedule, click here.

 In addition to our unique style, we take a unique approach to the financial aspects of our school. As a non-profit dojo we are committed to ensuring that martial arts training is accessible to all who seek it. We ask all students to donate within their means to help support the costs of our training space and equipment. All of our teachers donate their teaching time.

Please see the membership page for more details. 


1800 S Jackson St


Martial Arts in the Public Interest (MAPI) dba Quantum Martial Arts is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your tax deductible donation will support our youth outreach programs, scholarships, and operating costs.