Frequently Asked Questions about the Transitional Space

Why are we training at LWGMS?  We are finalizing plans for and working on building for your new dojo home but did not want to have zero classes during this time. The school has offered us training space and a space to store equipment. 

Why LWGMS instead of a gym or yoga studio? Quantum has provided Lake Washington Girls Middle School with martial arts classes since LWGMS opened in 1998. Our organizations share similar visions regarding community, access to learning and empowerment. This year, LWGMS set a goal to enhance wellness in their community so when Quantum Seattle needed a temporary training space, an additional partnership in providing convenient martial arts training to the LWGMS community was born. We are excited to meet new friends and grateful that LWGMS has opened its doors to us. 

Where do I park?  After 5 pm and also on Saturday you can park in the lot behind the school.

How do I get in?  Enter from the 18th Avenue side.  If you are a current student, check your email for the code or ask another student. If you wish to try out a class, we will phone or text you with the code before your first class. 

Is there a place to change?  Yes. There are men's and women's restroom on the floor below our classroom and a gender neutral restroom down the hall from our classroom. Please plan to bring all your belongings in to the training space and store neatly wherever the teacher designates. 

Is there water?  Yes, in the restrooms and in the floor above our classroom. We are not providing cups, so do please bring a water bottle. 

Do I have to wear a uniform?  Our uniform policy has not changed. Please wear a uniform and belt. Of course, if something happens and you have forgotten your uniform at home, feel free to come to class anyway in clothes you can move in. We all forget sometimes :) If the floor (wood laminate) hurts your feet, please speak to a teacher about wearing light shoes.

There will be people trying out our classes--perhaps for more than two weeks. These are members of the LWGMS community. By hosting your dojo, LWGMS is committing to helping their staff and families get and stay fit by providing this as a service. Some may choose to get a uniform right away, some will not. Just continue to look cool and be awesome martial artists in your uniform and you will inspire them regardless of what they are wearing.

What's with the kids with the white stripe down their belts?  At LWGMS every girl must take a trimester of martial arts per year. Their program is a hybrid of our dojo kid and adult program. They wear different belts to help teacher identify these teens that have not yet learned our adult Quantum forms. 

Should I bring anything else?  You may wish to bring a yoga mat. We do have some lighter weight mats for warm ups, but if you'd like something that is just for you, feel free to bring it. 

If you have other questions, feel free to reach out to a board member, black belt or teacher.