Welcome to the Lowell Martial Arts Page

Quantum Martial Arts is pleased to be partnering with the PTA of Lowell Elementary to offer before school martial arts classes for kids ages 5 and up on Monday and Wednesday from 8:10-9:10 AM.

What will my child be learning?

Quantum Martial Arts is a 501c3 organization that serves adults and kids of all backgrounds. The Quantum style blends a number of martial arts styles including Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Judo. The kid’s program generally focuses on the Tae Kwon Do tradition. 

Generally children that participate in martial arts programs gain confidence in themselves, self-control, courtesy, self respect, and self-improvement. Our goal is to give kids new skills that are fun, fulfilling, and grow with the child. We expect that your child will enjoy this opportunity to work out and learn. 

Who is teaching the class?

This class is taught by Mr. Joel Schomberg. Joel has been training at Quantum since 2000 and has been teaching kids at the Quantum dojo and various outreach programs since 2004. Mr. Schomberg dedicates most of his free time to training and to teaching adults and kids. He particularly enjoys working with young people and seeing them have fun and learn new skills through the martial arts.

Occasionally, assistant teachers may participate.  All Quantum kid’s teachers are passionate about working with young martial artists to help them enjoy their classes and grow as athletes and people.

How much does it cost?

The cost for the program is $165 per student and includes a white uniform, a white belt, and 33 classes (per session) at Lowell as well as unlimited optional classes at our South Lake Union dojo.  Kid’s classes are Tuesday and Thursday 4:30-6 PM and Saturday 10:30am-noon. If you already own a uniform, or can obtain a used uniform, please be sure it does not have another school’s name on it.

There are two sessions per year: fall/winter and winter/spring. Returning students may pay $140 and reuse their uniform. Extra uniforms are $25 each. New belts are $6 each.

Uniforms and belts will be available no later than the second week of classes.

How do I sign up?

Please fill out the Lowell Martial Arts Program sign up packet.  If you need them sent via US mail please email outreach@quantumseattle.org. You may email the student information form back, but the parent/student agreement and the photo release must be mailed in or turned in to Mr. Schomberg.

You may send payment in by check, or we can contact you about paying with a credit/debit card. Our mailing address is on the form.

Other information:

Each student will start as a white belt. All students will have an opportunity to perform the skills they learned at the end of each session in a formal test for rank advancement. Visit our curriculum page for more information regarding the specific curriculum and rank requirements.

We’d like students who sign up to participate in all classes (barring travel or illness), to arrive on time and in uniform, to follow all teacher’s instructions, and to try their best each class. 

For questions, please feel free to email outreach@quantumseattle.org.  Emails are often returned faster than phone calls, but you may request a phone call via email.