Martial Arts in the Public Interest (MAPI) is the nonprofit organization behind Quantum Martial Arts.  

At MAPI, our goal is to make martial arts available to everyone who wants train. One of the core principles of the Quantum style is that your martial arts comes from within you.

Our philosophy has always been that the martial arts is free. This is not because it is not valuable, but rather because it is already yours.

Membership is by donation and all donations support maintaining our training space, the equipment for your training and other training needs of the community. All of our teachers and the leadership team are volunteers.

Once you become a member, you are welcome to attend unlimited belt-level classes and contribute regularly to school operations at a level that fits your budget. **

Thinking about membership?  Schedule a time to come in (or bring your child in) and try your first class here. We encourage all prospective students to attend 2-4 classes before deciding to join MAPI.

Beginner's Special  $125 for 7 weeks of unlimited class. Includes annual membership fee and a new uniform.

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Adult 3 month intro includes annual

   Contributing Member $275 You receive a thank you gift of a new uniform
   Basic Member $250

Kid Grand Opening Special includes annual

Month to Month$80 per monthIncludes new uniform


The Pay What You Choose option is also available to new members. See below

Monthly Contributions

Without a training space, it would be difficult to teach our art.   To keep the doors open, we depend on monthly contributions** from our members.  Much like "dues" at a gym, these donations pay to keep our facility open and operational.  As a member, you may pay the Suggested Monthly Contribution or you may Pay As You Choose.  We accept cash, check and/or credit card; we also offer automatic monthly deductions by credit card.


Suggested Monthly Contribution

Individual $100
Adult College Student $80
Youth/Child $80
Family (3 or more) $225

Pay What You Choose

Just as you choose how your martial arts training fits into your schedule, you choose how your martial arts training fits into your financial life.  The Suggested Monthly Contribution covers general operating expenses and is far less than monthly fees at other Seattle martial arts schools.

Please email, call or stop by our dojo for more information. Start training today

Membership Fees (annual) 

Training members will be asked for an annual contribution to their dojo. This supports our non-profit work

Individual Membership $50
Adult College Student $35
Youth/Child $35
Family (3 or more) $125

You don't have to train at our school or live in Seattle to be a member
Friends and family can support your dojo with an annual membership or a donation of any amount. 


How are my Donations used?

We are a volunteer-run organization, including our instructors and staff.  Your donations to Quantum go directly to operating expenses. Surplus goes toward building improvements, continued development of our Quantum Outreach programs for K-8, and increased training opportunities with Master Evans.

In addition to monetary contributions, there are always opportunities for donating time by cleaning, putting up flyers, or using your own special skills (technology, teaching, art, marketing, carpentry, or Facebook wizardry).  Our basic supplies, (like paper and soap) are mostly supplied by the membership.  There are many ways to contribute.


** a donation in any amount, including nothing

Martial Arts in the Public Interest is a 503(c) nonprofit corporation.  Your gifts are tax-deductible.  We welcome your contribution of any amount.

Email us to find out more!