Child in rising blockYouth Program

Quantum's youth program is designed to provide an atmosphere for developing physical as well as mental and spiritual strength without competition.

What are the benefits of the martial arts?

In addition to self-defense, there are many other benefits to participating in the Martial Arts. The curriculum develops flexibility, endurance, body awareness, coordination, balance, focus and self-confidence. Some parents may fear that the study of Martial Arts may make their child into a "bully," when in fact the opposite is true. Bullies tend to be children with low self-esteem, an issue that Tae Kwon Do addresses directly. When your child becomes engaged in the study of Martial Arts, many changes become very apparent. Grades may improve, he/she will become more aware of potentially dangerous situations (i.e. strangers, etc.) and children are exposed to a healthy attitude toward physical fitness, health and nutrition.

What is Tae Kwon Do?

Tae Kwon Do comes from Korea, and literally means "hand/foot/art," or Korean Karate. In many TKD schools, tournaments are the main focus for the students. This is not the case at Martial Arts in the Public Interest. We provide a place for young people to learn about discipline while having fun and releasing energy.


Every six to eight weeks, there is a belt test to determine who is ready to move on to the next level. Students will be tested on the curriculum for their current belt, and depending how they do, will be promoted to the next rank. In order to participate in testings, students must ask permission from the Instructor no more than a week preceding the test. Testings are usually all day affairs, starting with a general cleaning of the school.

Youth Program Belt Levels

In the youth program there are two ranks in white belt and four ranks in each of the other belts. The higher rank is signified by a stripe of the color of the belt that follows. a High White Belt would be identified by a yellow stripe on the belt.

Eleventh gup -- White Belt

Tenth and Ninth gup -- Yellow Belt

Eighth and Seventh -- Green Belt

Sixth and Fifth gup -- Blue Belt

Fourth and Third gup -- Red Belt

Second and First gup -- Black Belt

  • The color black represents the embodiment of the basics, or the universe. A Black Belt understands that they know nothing, having progressed through all the colored belts and coming full circle. The rank of a Black Belt is denoted by white stripes, showing that their next belt is white. There are ranks of Black Belt all the way up to 9th dan.